Why Do You Need The Best Seattle O1 Visa Lawyer?

When you are applying for an O-1 visa, you will need a immigration lawyer to help you with the procedures, which have plenty of documentation and complex eligibility criteria that you need to fulfill. 

Eligibility criteria to seek O1 visa;

  1. The people in creative fields are eligible to apply. 
  2. They need to prove that they have extraordinary talent in science, education, art, business, or athletics to qualify for the O-1 visa program. They then get categorized into two types, i.e.
  • The O-1A visas for people outstanding in sciences, education, business, or athletics
  • The O-1B visas for people excellent in performing arts, either in motion pictures or the television industry

How is it determined that a person can get an O-1 visa?

The person applying for this visa has to provide all the documentation that gives ample proof of the contribution to the specified fields. The applicant has to fulfill three of the eight mentioned eligibility criteria to qualify for the visa. You not only have to show that you are top in the field of creative arts that are listed but have the proper paperwork to prove your point with the help of the an O1 visa lawyer. Suppose you have been awarded prestigious awards or citations by the government or a body that recognizes such talent. You need to show to the visa authorities as evidence of your exceptional work in the mentioned field.

Which are the eight criteria for an O-1A visa to get fulfilled?

  • The awards that you have received nationally or internally in your field of work
  • The applicant has to show their membership to the respective associations to the creative field they are involved in.
  • The applicant has to show published articles about the work you have done in the mentioned field. Either in a professional or major trade publication, media about the alien and their work in the mentioned field.
  • The applicant can show peer review activities which may include the applicant may be judge or part of a panel for a reviewing work of others in the mentioned field.
  • The applicant can also mention original contributions, which may include research papers, inventions, discoveries in the scientific field, or business immigration related as well in the mentioned field.
  • The publication of scholarly articles by the applicant which needs to get published in professional journals
  • Working in a critical capacity with highly reputed organizations in the mentioned field
  • Having commanded a higher compensation in the mentioned field as compared to your peers

Sometimes the concerned paperwork and proof that you need to present may not readily apply to the criteria mentioned; hence the applicant can utilize comparable evidence for establishing the fact that they are eligible for an O-1 visa.

What are the eligibility criteria for an O-1B visa?

  • The applicant must have a leading role in a production or events that distinguished reputation
  • The production or event has to appear in critical reviews of major publications or media coverage showing your achievements both nationally and internationally
  • Having played a crucial or leading role in a production or events with reputed organizations
  • Having had significant commercial success in the production or event rewarded with box office receipts or sale of either a record, cassette, CD, or videos.
  • Received important recognition for the achievements from an organization, government agencies, or recognized experts in the mentioned field
  • Earned a substantial amount of compensation in the mentioned field as compared to your peers

What if your documentation doesn’t work for the above criteria?

Suppose the applicant cannot produce the exacting documents mentioned in the criteria. In that case, the applicant need not get too worried to procure the exact documentation but present comparable evidence for eligibility. The applicant will have to work in a motion picture or television industry. You need not rely on comparative evidence to establish eligibility when you hire a Seattle O 1 visa lawyer.

Is the sponsorship of the employer needed?

The applicant’s employer or the agent will have to file for the O-1 visa. Independently filing the visa application isn’t allowed, and once the visa gets granted, the applicant is eligible to work for the said employer or the sponsor only.

As you are already in the creative field with a very hectic schedule, can consult our O1 visa attorney to depend on to avail yourself of the visa formalities and get all the procedures done without any hassle. Stelmakh & Associates, LLC have an experienced legal team to handle your O1 visa issues in Seattle.