H1B Registration Requirement Rule Process :
• Step 1 : Employers interested in sponsoring H1B for individuals they intend to hire, will need to first electronically register the individuals with USCIS during the specified registration period as given by USCIS.
• Step 2 : Employers will get at least 14 days to electronically register the individuals with their company information. They can edit, delete and modify the candidate details until the registration period closes.
• Step 3 : USCIS will conduct computer generated random selection aka Lottery to select regular quota filing registrants, then the masters quota are separated and lottery is run to select the US masters quota filing registrants.
• Step 4 : USCIS Notifies electronically the selected registrants’ employer/sponsors to file H1B petitions within 90 days. They will time it to fall on April 1st. The unselected registrations are kept on reserve to do another selected as needed.
• Step 5 : Employers need to file H1B petition using the standard process like before using LCA, Fees and all the information supporting the H1B job offer for the selected registrant.
• Step 6 : USCIS will adjudicate the petition as per their standard process and inform employers regarding their petition.
Will there be fee for H1B Registration ?
Yes. USCIS is planning to charge $10 fee for the H1B Registrations to support the new system.
When will H1B Registration Rule Start by taking Registrations?
It will start for H1B FY 2021 season that starts in 2020. USCIS has not announced the date yet, they will make announcement, if they are ready with the new system.