Investor Green Card

The EB-5 visa provides a relatively quick and safe path to U.S. permanent residency and citizenship for those with the necessary financial means. The EB-5 visa-holder has the lifelong right to live and work in the United States without restriction.

The majority of immigrant investors prefer to work through officially designated regional centers, such as US EB-5 Development Company to obtain a U.S. permanent green card because it presents a much simpler, less expensive and expedited process. The EB-5 visa program offers several advantages, including the following benefits:

  • Freedom to work and live an anywhere in the U.S., regardless of the location of your EB-5 investment.
  • Your spouse, and all your children under the age of 21 qualify under the same visa application.
  • No requirement to manage any business operations or employees.
  • No travel restrictions to or from your home country.
  • Equal access to college education at the same cost as in-state residents.
  • No sponsor is required as in the case of most other employment- or family-based visa categories.
  • No claim for extraordinary ability or education.
  • Your choice to become a U.S. citizen 5 years after you receive a conditional green card.


US EB5 Development Co. partners with you to ensure your comprehensive understanding of EB-5 immigrant program benefits, requirements, and processes. You can trust us to:

  • Discuss investment opportunities and provide detailed answers in understandable terms.
  • Recommend experienced immigration attorneys who specialize in EB-5 investor visas.
  • Guide qualified investors through the investment and green card process.
  • Coordinate the immigration process to maximize your chances of receiving an EB-5 visa approval.
  • Diligently manage your investment so that it delivers income and long-term growth.