At Stelmakh & Associates, we have extensive business immigration experience and resources to handle your business immigration needs. Our business clients include established technology companies and start-ups, universities, manufacturing companies, engineering firms, law firms, investors and entrepreneurs.

Stelmakh & Associates: Experts at Delivering Business Immigration Solutions

Stelmakh & Associates is highly successful in providing creative business immigration solutions to its clients from all over the world. To provide examples of our services, our attorneys devised a comprehensive US business immigration strategy for one of the world’s largest ferro-alloy and steel manufacturers and obtained required visas and work permits for its transferred employees. We have also successfully counseled one of the largest Russian online gaming companies on all aspects of US immigration, including international business personnel and executives relocation matters and travel concerns.


We handle all aspects of business immigration, including:

  • Employer Compliance
  • International Business Travel and Employee Relocation
  • Labor Certification/PERM
  • Extraordinary Alien Petitions (EB1-1)
  • Outstanding Researchers or Professors Petitions (EB1-2)
  • Transferring Executives or Managers Petitions (EB1-3)
  • National Interest Waiver Petitions for Aliens of Exceptional Ability (EB2)
  • Professionals with Advanced Degrees Petitions (EB2)
  • Skilled Workers Petitions (EB3)
  • Religious Workers Petitions (EB4)
  • Investors Petitions (EB5)

We obtain non-immigrant business visas for:

  • Business Visitors (B-1)
  • Aliens of extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics (O-1), and those who accompany/assist them (O-2)
  • Specialty Workers (H-1B)
  • Intra-Company Transferees (L-1A/L-1B)
  • Treaty NAFTA Workers (TN)
  • Treaty Traders (E-1) and Treaty Investors (E-2)
  • Religious Workers (R-1)

Our attorneys represent both companies and individuals. We are here to help employers, prospective employees, investors and entrepreneurs.

Employers Representation

If your company wants to hire international employees on a temporary or permanent basis, representation from a knowledgeable immigration attorney is crucial. We will make sure to understand your business needs, determine the best type of visa for you and guide your corporate representatives through the complicated immigration process. We also keep employers in compliance with immigration laws by providing on-site seminars.

If you need your employees to travel on a short international business trip or you want to relocate your employees abroad for a long-term work assignment, we will advise on international business travel and employee relocation matters and assist with required visas and work permits.

Our affordable fixed flat fees are negotiated with employers and discounted based on volume. Our fixed pricing eliminates budget concerns for employers and ensures cost predictability throughout the complicated immigration process.

Prospective Employees Representation

If you would like to work for a US company or you are employed abroad and would like to travel to the US as a business visitor, we will evaluate your individual circumstances and will help to obtain a necessary visa for you. We will also assist you and your family members with your long-term US immigration needs.

Investors and Entrepreneurs Representation

If you need a visa to be able to operate and develop your own US business or you would like to obtain green card for you and your family members through active or passive investment into the existing US enterprise, we will explain you your options and will be able to help.

Contact Us

The business immigration visa process can be confusing. Please, contact us for a confidential consultation with our business immigration attorney. You may call us at 206.605.0550 . You may also contact us conveniently online or send us an email to